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Chris Boecker is a producer, recording engineer, and mixer based in Nashville, TN

I've been Producing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering for 10 years.  Drawing from a diverse set of influences, I aim to bring out a unique personality and sonic landscape that suits the music.

Growing up in New York City and recording underground bands around the tri-state area, I was exposed to just about every type of music on a pretty regular basis and I continue to expand my horizons and find inspiration in all types of art. 

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"I'm so grateful for Chris’ work, knowledge and creativity with this project. As expected, his mix exceeded my expectations. The balance of clarity, weight, liveness, and dynamics he achieved really met the musical range we sought to perform, and sets a new standard of recording possibilities for me."



I've been recording music for 10 years, and have been playing/writing music for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in New York City where I played in punk bands and was involved in the DIY scene there.  While I've grown to appreciate all types of music, outside of punk rock I still hold on tight to the DIY ethos.  If you believe in something, you should just DO IT.  And I would like to help you with that. 

I love collaborating with artists to bring their creative vision to life, whether it be a crazy noise record, jazz standards, your bands first EP. If you believe in it, then so do I and I will help you make it happen! 

So let's hang out and do my three favorite things on the planet....make records, ride bikes, and drink coffee!

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"Chris’ technical proficiency, musical ear, attention to detail, and patience makes him a go-to recording engineer for artists of all capabilities and styles. He’ll make you sound awesome and will likely become your friend, too. In my mind, going with Chris is a no-brainer."

-Lemming Suicide 

Nashville Indie Nashville Rock Nashville Alternative

"Chris is an excellent engineer and musician who I have worked with on many projects. His work is top notch and, just as importantly, he is a pleasure to hang out with. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

-Scott Making Cents

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